The Painter In You Instructors


Marcy Ferro

Marcy (AKA Mixed Media Girl) was born in Los Angeles in 1984. She attended a private school, Delphi Academy, where she began as an artist at a young age. She took every art class available in school, drawing still lifes and poses, painting in various mediums, and many other fun forms of art, including even candle carving.

In 2008 Marcy held her first art show at LaKay Studios in Burbank, CA. Since then she has had many art shows at various galleries and venues throughout the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. She also hosts her own art festivals as the founder of Artist Synergy.

Marcy loves trying out many different mediums, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, prismacolor and mixed media. Currently Marcy mainly does mixed media paintings, as well as jewelry and candles.

Since 2011 Marcy has been teaching mixed media classes at her residence. In 2015 she began teaching acrylic, jewelry and mixed media classes around Los Angeles, thus, The Painter In You was formed.


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Brianna McCullough
Brianna has been creatively inclined for her entire life.
She was home schooled from a relatively young age and spoiled rotten with art and craft classes and more art supplies than you can imagine. Take that and add tons of encouragement from her parents and the other artists that she spent time with and you get a person that could “play” in her studio all day and is happiest when she’s creating.
She loves working with her hands and playing with color and texture. She is always trying new media and experimenting with different effects. Some of the media she has experimented with include drawing, painting, photography, creative photo editing, ceramics, fine jewelry, beading, sewing, knitting, paper crafts, collage, printmaking, theatrical makeup, costume design, crafts, quilting, paper making… if you can name it she’s probably done it and loved it. Her favorites are photography, editing, painting, ceramics and crafts.
Brianna is thrilled to be joining The Painter In You as an art instructor and is looking forward to getting messy with you.